About us

Idea about company started a few years ago. An incredible story.
It was 1999. and visited beautiful India for the first time in my life. As tourist, I wanted to see as much as I can for limited time, so it made me happy and tired in the same time. I sit by the road to get rest. Street was very frequent with people and cars, air filled with many sounds of traffic but in the one moment, I herd like little sound of crying. And I found out. In a few feet from my group, there was young girl, in flowered dress. She was so beautiful but sad in the same time, like butterfly in the end of spring, most beautiful but with last flying dance. I couldn’t sit peacefully. I asked her what is wrong. She answered in some bad english, that she lost her family few months ago and just she do not see solution, alone, poor, she had to left school, just no willing to continue with life. I had no cash with me, only I could give her bracelet I wore.

2010. Holiday. I am in India again. Walking down the streets and walked in shop selling beautiful fashion flowered dresses. I wanted flowered dress to buy but it was hard to choose, so many perfect. I took two and went to ask some worker where can I try it. Shop was like long maze hall. There was young woman I want to ask, but when she saw me, she screamed, threw dresses from her hands she was collecting and hug me so hard. I was confused with question in my minds: “Why does she hugs me”. I asked what happening, where we met before. Instead answer, with her face full of tears, she showed me her hand with magnetic bracelet. That was young girl who cried when I was visiting India for the last time. Now she grown up, young beautiful woman and owner of summer dresses shop. Preeti is her name and told me that she never forget me, after we met for the first time, her life have changed. After wearing bracelet few days she got strength to move on and decided to fight with life. She got idea to start sell flower dresses similar to the one that she was wearing when I gave her bracelet. She finished school and has her own family, her two kids and nice husband. Because flower is symbol of beauty and life and she wants to share positiveness to people.

So, inspired by Preeti I decided to start shop with magnetic bracelet and share to people strength and positiveness to take life easier and in the same time, shine together with beautiful designed Magnetic Chain jewelry.

Choose bracelet in our shop and let it shine 🙂